Day 0

Today, I made my way to JFK Airport to meet up with the Akiva group. As I made my way to the El Al ticket counter, I was stopped by the ticketing staff. She proceeded to grill me for 15 minutes, [...]

Day 2/3

Today, the Akiva group explored the wide world of Tzvat. We began our day with a scrumptious breakfast provided by the Hotel Ron. Rabbi Klatzko gave us an inspirational talk about what Judaism [...]

Day 4

Wow, today was a crazy day. I rose early this morning with my roommates and a few others in order to watch the sunrise from the top of Tzvat. It was absolutely breathtaking. We ate a quick [...]

Day 5

Today, we started off the day by visiting the western wall for some one-on-one chit chats with God. It was a spiritually exciting way to start the day. For the first half of the day, the men and [...]

Day 6

Today, I woke up after a long night of celebrating the new year! So again, happy new year everyone! I started off my day by enjoying a delicious Israeli breakfast that consisted of eggs, [...]

Day 7

Hello everyone! Today was another fantastic day in the best place on earth. We started off our day with some delicious Israeli breakfast and the “kotel club” did its thing again. Today was [...]

Day 8

Hello everyone! Your beautiful children say hello. Today was another whirlwind day. We started off the morning by visiting the Kotel and eating another delicious Israeli breakfast. After that, we [...]

Day 9/10

Shabbat Shalom!! Friday, January 4th – Saturday, January 5th I’m gonna make this one short and sweet because I’m still in the Shabbat mood and slightly sick. Friday we got to sleep in [...]

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