Day 0

 In Aaron's Diary

Today, I made my way to JFK Airport to meet up with the Akiva group. As I made my way to the El Al ticket counter, I was stopped by the ticketing staff. She proceeded to grill me for 15 minutes, asking me a variety of questions. All bets were off on what she would ask, this was no standard security test. “What was your mothers maiden name?” she asks me. I stop, taken aback by the simple randomness of the question. I answer quickly as she moves on the the next inquiry. “What congregation did you belong to when you were a child?” she asks. Again, I was stunned by the oddity of the question. I answer, she then asks me if I speak any Hebrew. I reply that I know some conversational Hebrew, but not enough to get me anywhere. Se says something quickly to me in Hebrew and my response is to tell her “I love you” in Hebrew. She giggles and finally let’s me pass. [blockquote]Yes! I made it past the test, flirting with Israeli ticketing agents does work!![/blockquote]

The next 4 hours flew by in a haze of new friends, names and expensive Chinese food. (You would have thought that we had gotten our fill of Chinese food the day after Christmas) Our flight was delayed by an hour, and we didn’t take off for another 90 minutes. Finally, lifting off at 8:30, we were on our way to the holy land. The flight was long, dark, and full of a lack of sleep. Ira (This American Life, for all you non-NPR peeps. Shame on you for that) is keeping me company while I type this passage out. It is currently 4:39am our time and they are serving breakfast. Wooooooo!! I love jet lag!! Well I’m tired and hungry, so I will let you all go as I “enjoy” this airplane breakfast meal. Ohh all of your children say hi, and that they love you!!

Also, can we just have a rant sesh about airplane bathrooms. I am 6’4, how on earth am I supposed to fit in that tiny piece of crap. Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Hugs and love!!

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