Day 2/3

 In Aaron's Diary

Today, the Akiva group explored the wide world of Tzvat. We began our day with a scrumptious breakfast provided by the Hotel Ron. Rabbi Klatzko gave us an inspirational talk about what Judaism really is. We talked about how Judaism has evolved throughout time to become a religion when it was originally intended to be a relationship.

We then began our “tour of Tzvat” with our “interesting” tour guide, who was very fond of random hand gestures. After that, we were set free to unleash our American selves on Tzvat. We shopped, Aaron ate schwarma at his favorite place, and then we headed back to the hotel to change for Shabbat.

With everyone looking their Shabbat best, we headed to the orthodox synagogue in Tzvat. It was an incredible experience. First of all, the synagogue was packed, filled to the brim with people. We squeezed our way inside and entered a world foreign to everything we knew. The orthodox have no concept of chairs or sitting, they stand, screaming the prayers, while swaying back and forth. We jumped, danced and prayed at the top of our lungs. It was incredible. Tomorrow is Shabbat so I will not be posting until after! Love!

We also went to the coolest candle factory ever!

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