Day 4

 In Aaron's Diary

Wow, today was a crazy day. I rose early this morning with my roommates and a few others in order to watch the sunrise from the top of Tzvat. It was absolutely breathtaking. We ate a quick breakfast and headed out, leaving Hotel Ron for good.

We dragged our bodies and luggage down the large hill out-front of the hotel. We plopped down on a street corner with our luggage and waited for the bus to come. And waited. And waited. Andddd waited. Finally, after more than 30 minutes the bus came, blocking traffic in the entire intersection. We quickly loaded the bus and trekked off to the Golan heights for our hike.

We had some minor casualties on the way (myself included) due to motion sickness, but we arrived in one piece at the start of the hike. We began our long journey through the Golan, periodically stopping to take in the scenery and here about the history of the Golan from our favorite “hand-gesture” tour guide.

Exhausted, sweaty and gross, we finally finished our hike. One of the members of the group ended up having to go to the hospital (he is fine, thank hashem), but be assured nothing went as planned. Finally, our “packed lunch” arrived, which was some authentic Israeli pizza and trust me, it pales in comparison to anything in the states. At least we know how to do something right.

Our stomachs full and our bodies exhausted, we hauled off to the Golan Heights Winery. There, we had the pleasure of tasting wines all made from grapes grown in Israel. It was a lovely experience and they gave us a free corkscrew! Everyone loves free stuff.

Exhausted, I trekked back to the old city to have my first authentic Israeli burger and then headed to bed. Excited to see what tomorrow has in store! Hugs!







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