What does the $498 price include?

The $498 covers airfare to and from Israel  as well as tours, lodging, and most meals. However, when there is no evening event and the night is considered a “free night” supper is not covered.

Where do we stay in Israel?

In the old city of Jerusalem!! Right next to the tomb of King David. A gourmet breakfast is served each morning.

How many students are on the trip?

Akiva takes a maximum of 40 students between the ages of 18 and 30. Usually, the majority are in their low to mid twenties.

How does Akiva decide who to accept?

Applications are processed in the order in which they were received. Upon receipt, a committee will review the application and decide whether to interview the applicant. The applicant will be called and a decision will be made if they are right for Akiva. References may be called.

How can I increase my chances of acceptance?

Akiva is looking for the thinking and spiritually inclined student. Being more than a sightseeing tour, Akiva tries to put together a group of “searchers” who are looking to grow in character and Judaism.

Must I know Hebrew to go?

No Jewish background, education or Hebrew language skills are necessary to be accepted onto Akiva. Just a desire to learn and grow. We even have a Hebrew learning Ulpan class on our Israel Trip!

I have been on Birthright. Am I still eligible for Akiva?


I have been on other Israel experiences. Will that hurt my chances?

Most likely not. However, there are a few trips that are funded by the same foundation which fund Akiva, which would disqualify you. Please list all Israel trips you have been on in your application. If you have been on these trips in the past, your name will show up on the data base, and they will consider this “double dipping”. When we review your application we will check if any of the trips you have been on disqualify you from Akiva.

Be aware, that even if your aren’t eligible for Akiva, we may have other options for you using grants from other foundations. So feel free to contact us via email if you have not been accepted on regular Akiva.

How much spending money is usual for a trip like Akiva?

Between $300 and $400.

May I visit friends or relatives during the trip?

If they are local and it it during free time, it is fine. If they live in another city and you will not be back on time to stay on the Akiva schedule, you may ask them to visit you or you can extend your trip for visiting relatives.

How about Shabbat?

Shabbat is prime time on Akiva Trip. The group has an extensive and exciting schedule for its Shabbatons. You are obligated to be with Akiva for Shabbat. No exceptions. Violation of these conditions will result in a request for full payment of the trip (including all subsidized costs).

Is it difficult or expensive to extend my trip?

Usually not. Our office will handle your request upon submission of application. There might be a small fee to extend. The sooner you are accepted on the trip and submit payment, the better chance you will have of extending.

Is there a curfew on the trip?

Akiva works on a system of trust. As long as the group is present and alert each morning for our discussion and classes, there will be no need to impose a curfew.

Classes in the morning sound boring!


That wasn’t a question! However, be assured that for most participants, the discussion and work shops are among the most interesting parts of the day. We have world classes speakers addressing many interesting topics. Many are funny and entertaining. They are all thought provoking.

Will we learn Hebrew?

We will be having a number of Ulpan sessions. These are fun and you can really learn a lot of Hebrew in a short amount of time.

Will there be organized rides to and from the airport?

In Israel, yes. In the USA, you will have to make your own arrangements.

When should I sign up?

NOW. We fill up quickly!! (Our waiting list is often more than a hundred strong)

How much does the stateside trip cost?

The New York stateside trip costs as low as $99 including airfare.

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