Day 8

 In Aaron's Diary

Hello everyone! Your beautiful children say hello. Today was another whirlwind day. We started off the morning by visiting the Kotel and eating another delicious Israeli breakfast. After that, we made our way to Ash Hatorah, the building that houses all of our classes, and listened to two lectures, one by Rabbi Klatzko and another by Rabbi Ken Spiro. The first talk given by Rabbi Klatzko was a very emotional and difficult talk. The Rabbi talked about the differences between a giver and a taker. Using a personal example about his brother, the Rabbi showed us what it really means to be a true giver.

After that, Rabbi Ken Spiro talked about the 7 reasons why everyone hates the Jews and where antisemitism was truly founded. It was an eye opening experience for a lot of people and definitely encouraged members of the group to fight back against be animosity we experience on a daily basis.

After the classes were over, we enjoyed a lunch in the old city and a couple hours of free time before we had to be back with the group. Trust me when I say, don’t get lost in the Arab shuk. It was not the most pleasant experience.

Finally finding the group, we made our way to a museum/center/holocaust memorial/something Aaron doesn’t know. (The Hall of Notes) We sat though a presentation talking about Judaism and what the Jewish people have experienced. Periodically, we were asked questions that we had to answer as a group. One of the pictures posted below is from the room we had the presentation in, it is of torahs collected from the holocaust. Finished with the presentation, the girls and boys split up and talked about the benefits of yeshiva/seminary.

Then, Aaron decided to go on an adventure. But it wasn’t just a normal adventure, it was an adventure on the public transportation system in Israel!! Ahhhhh!! I was headed to visit my homegirl Hilla, who led my birthright trip last year. After waiting in the bus station for 30 minutes, the bus I was supposed to take decided to not show up, forcing me onto a bus that was going to some random place in Jerusalem. Calling Hilla frantic, She told me to find someone who spoke English and try to figure out where this bus was headed. Fortunately, the bus was headed in the right direction, only one town short of where I was going.

Hilla picked me up at the bus station and I went to have dinner with her sisters family and their absolutely gorgeous children. Within two minutes of being there, I was already being drawn on with markers of many colors (I still have the scars to prove it) and having a fantastic time. It was a fantastic end to a great day in the holy land. See y’all tomorrow!







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