Day 14

 In Aaron's Diary

Why is it sooooo cold!?!?!?! Its been raining, sleeting, and snowing all day and it is still continuing … Maybe our flights will be delayed but in the end, who cares…WE’RE IN ISRAEL!

We started off our bitterly cold day with some Israeli breakfast and visiting the cold western wall. After our daily serving of ancient Jerusalem stone, we headed off to Aish for our classes. Our first class was with Rabbi Klatzko and we discussed “Petty is as petty does”. One of the character traits often displayed in people is pettiness; we discussed how to avoid this trait in our day-to-day lives as well as on a “big picture” scale. Next, we had another Ulpan lesson with our same Instructor from yesterday. During this session, we learned how to say “my grandfather loves hot chicken soup, not cold soup.” Needless to say, we are on the verge of being fluent Hebrew speakers. After that, we had a class entitled “Ask the Sage,” in which we were given the opportunity to ask one of the Rabbi’s from Aish whatever we needed answers to. The discussion ranged from Jewish business practices to why we believe in G-d.

After a short break for lunch we made our way back to see the “surfing Rabbi.” He teaches at Aish, surfs and plays guitar in his free time. He played a few Bob Marley songs and then some of his own renditions. To no surprise, we had a dance session and soon enough we were up and jiving. After our Jam session, Uri (one of the participants on the trip) led family feud with the group. It was a great way to round off the day as snow was covering Jerusalem.

Its our last night together in the holy land and we are spending some quality time together. Its still very cold and snowing, but hopefully we will be able to take off tomorrow night on time. I might not be able to post before hand. If not, love from the holy land! 20130109-225415.jpg20130109-225404.jpg20130109-225359.jpg20130109-225420.jpg20130109-225442.jpg20130109-225426.jpg

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