Day 12

 In Aaron's Diary

Today was a day full of rain, wind, wet socks and really cold weather. I think everyone in our group would agree with me when I say it was a perfect day to sit inside, read a book, and drink hot coco. But that wasn’t on the agenda.

We started off the day with the normal Israeli breakfast and the kotel club journeyed to the wall. It rained all day and rarely were anyone’s socks dry. Our class schedule started off with a discussion on how Judaism feels about the Big Bang Theory (not the TV show) and evolution. After that we, heard from an eccentric orthodox rabbi who talked about the happiness truth paradigm. Finished with classes, we were set free for a couple hours. Aaron decided to go shopping and take care any last gifts he still had left. I decided to try and find a Star of David for my brother and stumbled into a random jewelry store in the old city. After talking to the shop keeper for around 30 minutes, I purchased a star and got invited to Shabbat dinner the next time I was in Israel. I love this country.

Later in the afternoon, the group went to Be’er Sheva to meet a group of college students who are in a program a lot like ours; just reverse. We met up with the college students and spoke with them on how to effectively program in the US about Israel. We all had an amazing time and it was great to meet college students our own age who we could really connect with. We got home really late and went straight to bed. Love from the holy land!

P.S: We also played a really funny name game that ended in a lot of broken chairs and broken people.







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